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It's time to be honest about ADA compliance...

ADA Compliance is a huge problem.

94% of all websites fail ADA compliance; if your website fails, you are exposed to a rapidly growing threat of being sued.

Right now, in America, there are 10,000 legal demands issued every week. It’s easy money for plaintiff lawyers issuing lawsuits and demands. They know that compliance on a website is difficult to maintain, so it’s quick and simple for them to demonstrate that failure.

So how can you protect your organization or pools from this risk?

The answer isn’t about becoming ADA-compliant overnight. The answer lies in “demonstrating reasonable adjustment.”

Demonstrating reasonable adjustments in ADA compliance involves actively showcasing the measures an organization has implemented to provide equal access and participation for individuals with disabilities.

It goes beyond merely fulfilling legal requirements; it involves creating an inclusive environment that proactively addresses the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.

At AAAtraq, we offer continuous protection – a simpler way to quantify and manage risk, and guess what? It demonstrates reasonable adjustment, therefore removing the hefty cost and distraction of litigation.

So rather than focusing on the time and money involved in becoming compliant, the truth is you need to demonstrate reasonable adjustment on your way to becoming compliant. Compliance doesn’t happen overnight, but without continuous protection, you could wake up to a lawsuit!

What is Continuous Protection?

Continuous protection, put simply, is RISK CONTROL.

We help organizations (and membership pools) control their risk of litigation;

1. Firstly, we help you understand your risk. We offer an online check completed in around 30 seconds with no charge.

Do you know what your risk is? Find out at

2. Our automated intelligence guides you through a logical sequence of actions to remove risk.

3. Compliance cannot be achieved overnight, so we provide insurance cover to protect you on your compliance journey.

4. We offer full claims support with legal, technical and subject matter expertise alongside generating a continuous record of compliance activities to ensure you can demonstrate reasonable adjustment should the need arise.

By actively demonstrating reasonable adjustments in ADA compliance, you can showcase your commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. You will send a powerful message that accessibility is not an afterthought but a core value that your organization upholds, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.

But most importantly, you are in complete CONTROL of RISK.


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